Rooftop tents and the permissible roof load

The certainly most frequently discussed topic with rooftop tent newbies is the question of the roof load. No topic causes more uncertainty and there is almost no one who did not ask himself these questions at the beginning:

Does my roof sustain that?

How much weight can my car carry?

In my manual it says maximum roof load is 75 kg. But the weight of my tent with roof racks is already 70 kg. My weight is 100 kg, my wife’s is 70 kg and the kids‘ together 60 kg. How does that work?

No wonder that there is a need for clarification here. Because in normal everyday life you rarely get to load your car roof with heavy load let alone running around on it. Everyone has seen bikes on the roof. Sometimes craftsmen transport their ladder or equipment on the roof. But you know fully loaded roofs more from the 4×4 field ore from pictures of coaches in Africa or India. So, how is that exactly? „Rooftop tents and the permissible roof load“ weiterlesen