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You’re exactly right here if you’re interested in rooftop tents, if you like sleeping on car roofs, if you love nature and good views, if you like to let off steam off road, if you’re a freethinker and world explorer!

Here you will learn everything about rooftop tents and you’ll get answers to the most burning questions. We will help you, give you an overview and advise you!

A fucking active squad!

The rooftop tent nomads are a group of over 9000 adventurous rooftop tent enthusiasts who searched and found each other on facebook in June 2017. Our group is growing constantly. We offer a platform for all who love rooftop tenting and who want to share their experiences with rooftop tenting with others.

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The rooftop tent festival 2019!

Do you want to experience the various rooftop tents in action and sit around a campfire with other rooftop tent nomads? The you should not miss the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 in Germany! Camping, workshops, lectures, a huge offroad area, a dealer mile and a lot of fun for big and small will expect you there!

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You also can send us a classic Mail to mail@rooftoptentnomads.com.

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Picture: Thilo Vogel